TAtech UpDate: The Answers to 10 Questions About Programmatic Ad Buying in Recruitment

Peter Weddle

The TAtech Leadership Summit on Programmatic Ad Buying is a one-day, one-topic event that explores the impact of this powerful new technology on talent acquisition. It will be held on June 1st in the University of Minnesota’s McNamara Alumni Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (There is a Welcome Cocktail Reception on the evening of May 31st.)

What will you learn at this one-of-a-kind conference? The answers to the 10 following questions (and more):

1. Is programmatic ad buying a job board killer?

2. How are agencies adapting to the use of programmatic ad buying?

3. Are employers now comfortable with a pay for performance budgeting model?

4. Will the use of retargeting data cause job ads to be placed near brand-damaging content on the Web?

5. Can job boards install a performance-based business model alongside a traditional duration-based job posting model?

6. What are companies in the gig economy, financial services, retail and staffing services currently doing with programmatic?

7. Where can advertisers and publishers go to learn about best practices for reporting recruitment advertising performance?

8. How can recruitment marketing analytics be used to enhance the effectiveness of programmatic job advertising?

9. What have we learned from programmatic successes and failures over the past year?

10. How will artificial intelligence fit into the talent acquisition technology picture in general and programmatic ad buying in particular?

You’ll get the answers to all of those questions (and more) in just one day. That means the TAtech Leadership Summit:
• Minimizes your time out of the office, and
• Maximizes your knowledge of how best to use programmatic ad buying in your organization.

Now, that’s the way to optimize your ROI!

And best of all, there’s still time to register, but don’t delay. Click here and register today.


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