TAtech UpDate: Findings from the 2017 TAtech-reThink Data Global ATS Survey

Peter Weddle

The second in an annual series, the Final Report of the 2017 TAtech-reThink Data Global ATS Survey addresses three key areas:
• Business Performance & Outlook
• Company Operations
• Product Development
and provides detailed information on respondent demographics.

Collectively, these findings open a window on the market position and growth of ATS providers and their business practices as well as on the current and planned features and capabilities of their systems. It a singular view of both the current state and future direction of the ATS community.

Optimism Redux

As they did last year, ATS survey respondents gave a thumbs-up to both their results in 2016 and their prospects for 2017. Almost nine-in-ten said their company had performed better in 2016 than in 2015. Better than four-in-ten said their business had been significantly better, a figure that was up from just three-in-ten in 2016.

Even more impressive, better than nine-in-ten said they were optimistic about 2017 and an astonishing 60 percent – almost double the number in the previous year – said they were very optimistic.

Other Key Findings

Other key findings of the survey include:
• A change in perspective – the #1 challenge facing ATS companies today is no longer data exchange integrations, but the number of competitors now in the marketplace.
• A shakeup in sales channels – exhibiting at recruitment conferences took a huge dive in perceived effectiveness, dropping from the #2 spot to #6 among survey respondents.
• A total reset in customer communications – despite questions about its effectiveness, email took over the top spot as the most effective channel for B2B communications.
• Mobile is so yesterday – helping employers leverage their data, their employees and their customers replaced optimizing for mobile as the #1 product development project driven by customer demand.
• Integration shows signs of improvement (sorta’) – significantly more ATS providers than last year are now offering API capabilities, while the number charging for that access more than doubled.

What will 2017 hold for the ATS community? These findings suggest that it will be a year marked by increased competition, data-centric product innovations, more webinars and direct email contact with customers and continuing growth as employers seek better customer experiences and greater productivity from their recruiters.

Download the ATS Report

TAtech Members can download the Final Report of the 2017 TAtech-reThink Data Global ATS Survey at no cost in the Community area of TAtech.org. Non-members can purchase the report in the TAtech Bookstore.


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