TAtechConnect™ is the mobile app that allows you to participate in the global community of talent acquisition solutions providers 24/7/365


The app is available free in the Apple App Store or Google Play.
Simply click on the buttons above or search for “TAtech Connect.”

For best results and to avoid download delays, we recommend running the app the first time in a location where Wi-Fi will be accessible.

Note: The app will need a strong network connection at least one time. Run the app for the first time in an area that has a steady Wi-Fi connection or using a 4G or LTE connection.


Participate in the TAtech Deal Center by pre-scheduling 15 minute, one-on-one meetings whenever the Deal Center is open.  No more missing out on important connections or discussions that can help grow your business.  You’ll know who you’ll be meeting with and when, before you even arrive.

Your Deal Center login credentials are as follows:

Username: your email address        Password: local-part of your email address

e.g. username johnsmith@company.com, password: johnsmith

  • Schedule an educational session or discussion group by simply tapping on the “Calendar” icon on the bottom right and selecting “Add to My Schedule” for Apple devices and for Android simply just tap the icon
  • Take notes for each session right on your app. Simply tap on the “Notes’ icon and begin typing. When you are finished you may send these notes to yourself or others by going to”more” and then choosing “Email All Notes”
  • PDF Sharing: You have the ability to share all program materials to your iBooks library or other Apple PDF viewing apps. Simply tap on the “Share” icon in the upper right while viewing a PDF file.

Get year-round access to up-to-the-minute industry news and TAtech publications and announcements

  • Portable industry updates keep you on top of the latest announcements of B2B partnerships, new product/service launches, webinars & white papers and more.
  • Make business trips more productive by taking Job Board Journalist as well as TAtech Working Group products and survey results with you to fill your time on line in the airport.



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