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  • London 2023
  • Washington DC 2024

Allyn Bailey – TAtech North America 2024

Allyn Bailey, Senior Director, SmartRecruiters  

Amit Parmar – TAtech North America 2024

Amit Parmar, CEO, Cliquify

Antonia Manoochehri – TAtech North America 2024

Antonia Manoochehri, Founder & CEO, Lumenai

Ben Eubanks – TAtech North America 2024

Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory  

Brandon Mitchell – TAtech North America 2024

Brandon Mitchell, CEO & Founder, Writesea

Dan Quigg – TAtech North America 2024

Dan Quigg, CEO, Public Insight  

Dan Wilson – TAtech North America 2024

Dan Wilson, Managing Partner, Viking M & A.  

Fireside Chat, The Secret Sauce of Niche Sites

Fireside Chat, The Secret Sauce of Niche Sites, hosted by Peter Weddle, with guests Roger Lear, CEO, OrlandoJobs.com, and Andy Hibel, COO, HigherEdJobs.com

Andrew Flowers – TAtech North America 2024

Andrew Flowers, Labor Economist, Appcast, and Toby Dayton, CEO, LinkUp  

Guru Sethupathy – TAtech North America 2024

Guru Sethupathy, CEO, Fairnow.ai  

Liz Hocker – TAtech North America 2024

Liz Hocker, CEO, 10:10 Strategy

Matt Cahill – TAtech North America 2024

Matt Cahill, Co-Founder, Loopa Automate  

The Recruitment Flex Podcast – TAtech North America 2024

The Recruitment Flex Podcast, hosted by Serge and Shelley, with special guest Adam Stafford, CEO, Recruitics.

Renee La Londe – TAtech North America 2024

Renee La Londe, Founder and CEO of iTalent Digital

Richard Collins – TAtech North America 2024

Richard Collins, CEO & Co-Founder, CV Wallet

Sam Beiler – TAtech North America

Sam Beiler, CEO & Co-Founder, Boostpoint  

Sheila Gray – TAtech North America 2024

Shelia Gray, Vice President TA, Generac Power Systems.  

Summer Delaney – TAtech North America 2024

Summer Delaney, CEO & Founder, Collabwork  

Sunkanmi Ola – TAtech North America 2024

Sunkanmi Ola, CEO, Propel.  

Terry Baker – TAtech North America 2024

Terry Baker, CEO, DaXtra  

Tracey Parsons – TAtech North America 2024

Tracey Parsons, CEO & Founder, Flockity  

Alexander Chukovski – TAtech Europe 2023

Alexander Chukovski, CEO Crypto-Careers.com "Google for Jobs"

Fireside Chat, with Peter Weddle & Andreea Wade

Fireside chat, hosted by Peter Weddle, CEO and Founder of TAtech, and Andreea Wade, VP of Product Strategy at iCIMS. Recorded live at TAtech Europe, Dec 2024 The once and future role of talent technology.

Recruiting Brainfood Live: Hung Lee interviews Julie Sowash

Recruiting Brainfood Live at TAtech - with Hung Lee The state of DE&I among employers & where can job boards help? Special guest: Julie Sowash, DisabilitySolutions.com 

Laurie Koop – TAtech Europe 2023

Lauri Koop, CEO, Aimwel "Where Programmatic Recruitment Advertising Delivers and Where it Fails"

Optimizing Your Value: A 360 Degree Perspective, Panel Discussion

Optimizing Your Value: A 360 Degree Perspective: Discussion Panel at TAtech Europe, Dec 2024 Moderator: Wendy McDougall Panellists: Claire Hamilton, Capgemini, David Wilson, Fosway Group, Chad Sowash, The Chad & Cheese Podcast, and Artem Dubovetskyi, Jooble.

TAtech Europe, 2023, Product Palooza

A core feature of all TAtech events is our Product Palooza. This is where both new and established technology companies and job boards present new products and methods, in a quickfire TED Talk format. Short, passionate, and exceptionally well-informed. Our presenters here include: Antonia Manoochehri, Founder and CEO or Lumen.ai Brandon Mitchell, Founder and CEO [...]

Fireside Chat, with Matt Alder & Nick Thompson, TAtech Europe

Fireside chat, hosted by Matt Alder, host of the Recruiting Future Podcast. Guest, Nick Thompson, Global Head of TA CoE at Haleon. Recorded live at TAtech Europe, Dec 2024 How a Global Head of TA interfaces with Technology Providers - and a discussion of current technology challenges.

Wendy McDougall – TAtech Europe 2023

What do honeymoons & affairs have to do with talent technology? Wendy McDougall, Founder & CEO Firefish Software

The Once and Future Job Board: Panel, TAtech Europe, 2024

The Once and Future Job Board: Discussion Panel at TAtech Europe, Dec 2024 Moderator: Hilda Kabushenga Panellists: Rob Brouwer, CEO Jobrapido, Julie Sowash, Executive Director, Disability Solutions, Artem Dubovetskyi, CFO Jooble, Thomas Prince, CEO Talent Nexus, Mikhil Raja, CEO SonicJobs.

Daryl Cohen – TAtech Europe 2023

Daryl Cohen, Partner Capital D "What Investors Want"

Andrea Marston – TAtech Europe 2023

Andrea Marston, Sr. Director Global TA VMware “Okay, the contract is signed. How do you make sure you get a renewal?”

Hilda Kabushenga – TAtech Europe 2023

Hilda Kabushenga, CEO, The African Talent Company "Reimagining the Workforce of the Future"

Adam Gordon – TAtech Europe 2023

Adam Gordon, CEO & Co-Founder, Poetry HR "From Acquisition to Offboarding: My Experience"

Lily Valentin & Julius Probst – TAtech Europe 2023

Lily Valentin, Director of International Business Development, and Julius Probst, European Labour Economist, Appcast "The Latest Macroeconomic Trends in Europe"

David Wilson – TAtech Europe 2023

David Wilson, CEO Fosway Group "Corporate TA and HR ecosystem realities, in the age of AI"

Planning Your Exit, Chad Sowash – TAtech Europe 2023

Planning Your Exit: A Panel of Buyers & Sellers Moderator: Chad Sowash Panellists: Andreea Wade - iCIMS, KC Clark - Talivity, Paul Daley - investor, Roy Jacques -Appcast, Richard Collins - CV Wallet.

Stephen O’Donnell – TAtech Europe 2023

Stephen O'Donnell, Chief Growth Officer, TAtech Hard Truths for Job Boards: Job Seeker Insights

Richard Collins – TAtech Europe 2023

Richard Collins, CEO and Co-Founder, CV Wallet PRODUCT PALOOZA

Nash Fayyad – TAtech Europe 2023

Nash Fayyad, Email Enthusiast, Netcore PRODUCT PALOOZA