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TAtech Announces Summer Class of TAtech Honorees

There are several programs that recognize the 100 All Stars of talent acquisition, both in North America and in Europe. In fact, for several years, TAtech published such a list and we were privileged to do so.

Now, however, we’ve decided to take the recognition up a notch and celebrate the Hall of Famers in recruitment. This new program – which we’ve named TAtech Honors – celebrates just 40 individuals each year.

To be selected as a TAtech Honoree, individuals must meet two criteria:
• Their contribution to talent acquisition must have been longstanding; and
• Their impact on the practices and technology of talent acquisition must be long-lasting.

To further differentiate the program, we will not release the names of the Honorees in a one-and-done list. Rather, we will announce the Honorees in Classes of 10, with each Class keyed to a season. The 2024 Spring Class was published earlier this year. We are now very proud to release the names of those in the Summer Class.

Five of the Honorees are women, five are men. Three of the Honorees are based in Europe, one in Africa, one in Canada and five in the United States. Five of the individuals work in online recruitment advertising, two are the founders and CEOs of consulting companies, one is the Vice President of Talent Acquisition for a major healthcare employer, one works for an ATS provider, and one is the Co-Founder of an AI-based applicant verification solution.

As different as they are, however, every single one has helped to reshape talent acquisition for the better and are therefore worthy of being accorded TAtech Honors.

Click here to see the Summer Class of TAtech Honorees