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The TAtech Blog features up-to-the-minute content from TAtech’s weekly publications:

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How to Develop a Technology Roadmap for Your Organization

When you’re setting off on a long journey, you wouldn’t dream of starting out without some idea of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. The same is true when it comes to making big strategic changes in your organizations, especially when you’re looking to develop something that is integral to any […]

TA Tech Business NewZ

Curated Intel from the Talent Tech Industry February 19-25, 2024: • Unmasking employer reviewers: German court rules kununu must provide users’ real names; • Taking on the 800 lb. guerilla: ViewJobs launches in Australia to provide an alternative to SEEK; • Seeing a lot of interest but not much cash: AI investments halved in UK […]

TA Voices!

Who has the time to keep up with the latest LinkedIn comments by thought leaders in the TA space? Practically nobody. But, not to worry. TAtech has you covered. Each week, we’ll curate and republish some of the most interesting comments posted on the site. We call the feature TA Voices! So, without further ado, […]

Job Boards & Talent Tech Companies Are Leaving Money on the Table

By Peter Weddle, CEO TAtech The vast majority of today’s job boards and talent technology companies are leaving money on the table. Unconsciously, they don’t think they can or should walk and chew bubblegum at the same time. Now, before you rise up in righteous indignation, hear me out. The problem of blinkered business vision […]

TA Tech Business NewZ

Curated Intel from the Talent Tech Industry February 12-18, 2024: • Cracking down on email: New mass Gmail rejections to start April 2024, Google says; • Watching out for bad behavior online: FAMA adds TikTok Screening feature to its solution; • Saying ‘no’ for the final time: USPTO denies OpenAI trademark application for the last […]

4 Reasons to Hire a Candidate With No Experience

It’s understandable that, with the majority of roles you’re hiring for, you’ll need someone who has worked in the industry before, or who has taken on a similar job in a different sector. This is particularly true for more senior positions. However, it’s also worth noting that sometimes hiring for potential can work just as […]

CEOs think the hiring process is inefficient.

Here’s why — and how to fix it. Don’t you love it when data confirms your prior beliefs? New data from PWC says that CEOs see hiring as the 3rd most inefficient process across their businesses. Specifically, they believe 40% of their entire hiring process is inefficient. Actually, let me clarify. This is recent data, […]

TA Tech Business NewZ

Curated Intel from the Talent Tech Industry February 5-11, 2024: • Unifying recruiter workflows: hireEZ launches CRM platform to pair with sourcing solution; • Ensuring safe & responsible development: EU Member States unanimously approve AI Act; • Fueling new work technologies: Acadian Ventures closes $30M Fund II to continue investment; • Catching up with the […]

Shaping the Future of AI in Talent Acquisition: A Dialogue with Jobiqo’s Martin Lenz on Ethics, Innovation, and Bias Mitigation

In the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment technology, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has opened up new frontiers in how we approach talent acquisition and job advertising. However, with great power comes great responsibility, especially when it comes to mitigating biases inherent in AI-driven systems. In this context, we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive […]

From Good to Great: The Future of Job Ads

By Peter Weddle, Founder & CEO TAtech Despite their importance to online advertising effectiveness, job ads have long been … well, mediocre or worse. All too often, they’re poorly written and about as engaging as a brick. I suppose that’s why so many pundits and evangelizers are now giddy at the prospect of AI-written ads. […]

TA Tech Business NewZ

Curated Intel from the Talent Tech Industry January 29-February 4, 2024: • Facing more scrutiny: Italian authorities says ChatGPT violates European Union privacy laws; • Powering up recruiter enablement: PoetryHR closes six figure early-stage investment round; • Making it happen faster: Ecpertini introduces solution to expedite sourcing and screening; • Shifting the workforce priority: Tech […]

Getting It Right From the Start: Chatbot Implementation

By Martyn Redstone, CEO Recently, we’ve seen a couple of examples of bad chatbot implementations hitting the news – whether social or mainstream – and it does frustrate me. Most recently, it was [UK delivery service] DPD’s turn, where Twitter user Ashley Beauchamp was able to prompt the bot to produce a poem about […]

TA Tech Business NewZ

Curated Intel from the Talent Tech Industry January 22-28, 2024: • Braving the remote job market: Career company BOLD acquires; • Classifying & paying correctly: New York State issues new regulations for free lance workers; • Introducing a creepy DeadPersonGPT: Thanabots are now being used to resurrect loved ones; • Getting started will be […]

Why 2024 will be a transformative year for Talent attraction

By Richar Collins, Co-Founder & CEO CV Wallet Summary: Jobseeker adoption of AI will become the norm in 2024, resulting in a breakdown of trust and an oversupply of applications. These two factors will have a significant impact on Job advertising, Assessments and how Talent acquisition teams hire. Demand will shift away from volume and […]

TA Tech Business NewZ

Curated Intel from the Talent Tech Industry January 15-22, 2024: • Running for President with AI: OpenAI suspends bot developer for creating Dem candidate bot; • Feeling good about the future: CEOs optimistic as inflation & macroeconomic concerns recede; • Paying on-demand may be the next big thing: ADP finds 82% of business leaders are […]

TA Tech Business NewZ

Curated Intel from the Talent Tech Industry January 8-14, 2024: • Hyper-targeting the talent market: Public Insight releases fall update to TalentView solution; • Making smarter translations: raises $18M for AI-generated multilingual content; • Ghosting towns is now a thing: Thousands of U.S. cities are likely to be abandoned by 2100; • Building AI […]

T&C2R: The Dominant Factor in Job Board & Talent Tech Company Success in 2024

By Peter Weddle, Founder & CEO TAtech T&C2R – time and cost to reinforce – will be the determining factor in job board and talent technology success in 2024. Employers now want solution providers that offer both robust products and a fulsome portfolio of additional tools that enable them to meet a range of recruiting […]

TA Tech Business NewZ

Curated Intel from the Talent Tech Industry January 1-7, 2024: • Chasing Google for funds & fame: AI powered search engine Perplexity AI raises $73.6M. • Raising our techno-kids responsibly: Cultural perspectives on robots: friends, servants or foes; • Combining tech and humans in TA: acquires exec search firm Grace Blue Partnership; • Paying […]

Who’s Gonna’ Win, Who’s Gonna’ Lose, Who’s Gonna’ Surprise Everyone

2024 Predictions by Alexander Chukovski. CEO Alexander Chukovski is a prolific commentator on LinkedIn and a regular columnist for TAtech. Each December, he pens a set of predictions for the coming year. As always, he pulls no punches. But whether you agree or disagree with him, he’s always thought provoking and insightful. Here’s a […]

Predictions, Predictions Everywhere & 3 Key Take-Aways

By Peter Weddle, CEO TAtech It’s that time of the year again. Pundits and researchers, solution providers and publishers can’t help themselves. They feel compelled to pull out their crystal balls and tell the rest of us what we can expect in the days and months ahead. If your social media account and emailbox are […]

TAtech Top 100, Winter 2023

TAtech Top 100, Winter 2023