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The Start Smart Podcast

All the TA Facts You Need to Know

The Facts

In a talent market that is more competitive and less understood than any other time in history, it’s the facts that matter.  And, Start Smart is the podcast that delivers the facts – the latest research and data – on the key issues and opportunities facing Talent Acquisition & Human Resource professionals.

There are lots of HR and recruiting podcasts that focus on interviews and commentary.  There’s only one podcast that’s totally devoted to talent acquisition research and data:  Start Smart.

Start Smart is a biweekly podcast hosted by Madeline Laurano, Founder of Aptitude Research, and Peter Weddle, CEO of TAtech.  Here’s what people have had to say about them:

Tim Sackett describes Madeline Laurano as “the number one analyst in talent acquisition technology in the world. Truly. Great content and research.”
The Washington Post describes Peter Weddle as “a man filled with ingenious ideas,” especially when it comes to the intersection of people and technology.


The podcast explores the most important topics in talent acquisition today by introducing and discussing the latest research findings on those topics from Aptitude Research.  That makes Start Smart a uniquely important resource for both corporate and industry thought leaders.

  • If you’re a Talent Acquisition or Human Resource professional, Start Smart will give you the up-to-the-minute information you need to develop and execute an effective recruiting program.
  • If you’re a talent technology solution provider, Start Smart will make sure you know what’s working, what’s not and what’s needed to advance employers’ recruiting success.

Here are the topics the podcast will cover and the facts you’ll acquire by listening in:

The Start Smart Podcast Editorial Calendar
The topics we’ll cover; the facts you’ll acquire

– Week 1: The Modern Recruiter: A New Look at the TA Tech Stack
– Week 2: AI Matching: Ethics vs. Efficiency

– Week 1: The State of Programmatic Job Advertising
– Week 2: The Future of the CRM

– Week 1: Internal Mobility: What Goes Wrong?
– Week 2: DEI and the Impact on TA Tech

– Week 1: AI in Recruitment
– Week 2: Hiring Experience Platforms as a New Category

– Week 1: Talent Analytics: Moving from Data to Action
– Week 2: Best of Breed vs. ERP ATS Systems

– Week 1: Onboarding Innovation
– Week 2: The Future of Assessments

So, don’t miss a single episode!  You’ll find the podcasts here and at Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, and Spotify.

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