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The Start Smart Podcast

All the TA Facts You Need to Know

The Facts About Talent Technology


Why do too many organizations struggle to get the KPIs and ROI they expected from their purchases of talent technology?

Here are the facts.

  • All too often it’s the IT Department that’s either running or dominating the introduction of a new TA product. And yet, according to IDC, “25 percent of IT projects fail outright. Just as bad, 20 to 25 percent don’t provide the expected return on investment and up to 50 percent require material rework in order for the organization to reach the goal for which a product was originally purchased.”
  • And worst of all, over half of those financial and performance shortfalls have the exact same cause: inadequate product installation. According to research published in Forbes, 54 percent of new tech failures are due to poor implementation management, while just 3 percent are caused by a problem with the technology .

That’s why TAtech’s Start Smart podcast has relaunched to focus on the facts – the research, innovations, and best practices – for effectively implementing talent technology.

The show now features information and ideas on how to derive the best results from the introduction of tech solutions for sourcing, pipelining, managing, interviewing, assessing, communicating with and actually hiring top talent.

It’s just 30-minutes out of your day, but its yield can be priceless.  So, join TAtech CEO Peter Weddle and his guests as they explore the challenges and opportunities of effectively implementing state-of-the-art talent acquisition technology.

You’ll find the podcasts here and at Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, and Spotify.

Peter Weddle is the CEO of TAtech and the author or editor of over two dozen business books