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There are a bazillion talent technology companies out there, offering all kinds of recruiting products.

How do you know which are credible and worth your consideration?
We created the TAtech Talent Technology Buyer’s Guide to help you out.

Our guide only lists organizations that have great talent technology AND ascribe to the TAtech Code of Ethics. It is a unique resource that highlights solution providers with talent acquisition products and business practices you can count on!

Equally as important, the TAtech Technology Buyer’s Guide is not a one-off “top picks” blog post or an occasional “best of” selection, but is instead a permanent resource that is always available to you. And, it is not made obsolete by new products that are introduced after its publication, but is instead continuously updated and refreshed with new TAtech Members and their products.

So, whether you’re actively looking to purchase a talent technology product or simply checking out what might work for your organization, the TAtech Buyer’s Guide exists to help you make smart consumer decisions. From ATS and chatbot providers to programmatic platforms and recruitment advertising & marketing agencies – they’re all here and all determined to optimize your experience.

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These are some of the best solution providers offering technology-based talent acquisition products. Pay them a visit and see what they have to offer.

About the Guide

We’ve organized our Guide into general categories of talent technology for your ease of use. Simply select a TA field from the drop-down list below and click Find a Provider.

Solution Providers: If you’d like your company to be considered for inclusion in the TAtech Buyer’s Guide, contact