In addition to our events, TAtech brings you regular interactive content in the form of our ongoing podcasts and live webcasts:

You can easily subscribe to our podcasts through your preferred channel, and listen whenever suits you, and also either watch our webcasts live, or on replay whenever suits your schedule.

Start Smart is a biweekly podcast hosted by TAtech. In a talent market that is more competitive and less understood than any other time in history, it’s the facts that matter.  And, Start Smart is the podcast that delivers the facts – the latest research and data – on the key issues and opportunities facing Talent Acquisition & Human Resource professionals.

Co-hosted by TAtech CEO Peter Weddle and Shelia Gray, VP of Global Talent Acquisition for Quadient, Start Smart covers everything from major workforce and workplace trends to the impact of emerging recruitment technologies and practices and examines them from both the solution provider’s and the employer’s perspective.

Stepping Up is TAtech’s video interview program, featuring some of the most successful and interesting business executives in talent acquisition.

Hosted by TAtech Chief Growth Officer Stephen O’Donnell, the fortnightly show explores both the commercial accomplishments and the good deeds of these industry leaders and their companies. It gets inside how they’ve stepped up both to craft technology that enhances recruiters’ success and to provide support that improves the wellbeing of others.