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TAtech has a single two-part mission: To advance the bottom-line success of its Members and to support the growth of the talent technology industry worldwide.  Whether you offer a B2C product for employers or a B2B product for other talent technology companies, TAtech’s spotlight opportunities help increase the visibility and stature of both your company’s brand and its products.

The following options are available to both TAtech members and non-Members.  For more information and/or to take advantage of these opportunities, please contact Peter Weddle.


A range of sponsorships are available at both of TAtech’s industry congresses: TAtech North America & The World Job Board Forum and TAtech Europe & The EMEA Job Board Forum.  Almost all are exclusive – that is, only one company can hold the sponsorship during the conference – and all include one or more free tickets to the conference.  They include such opportunities as World Job Board Forum Sponsor, Breakfast & Lunch Sponsor, Lanyard Sponsor, and Keynote Sponsor.

In addition, only TAtech offers the TAtech Deal Center, where companies can sponsor and reserve one or more branded tables and use the TAtech online scheduler to set and hold meetings regarding partnerships, product integrations and even mergers and acquisitions.

Leadership Summits

This opportunity enables a company to host a branded, world-class conference and distinguish itself as the industry thought leader in a particular talent technology (e.g., programmatic, AI) or talent acquisition strategy (e.g., recruitment marketing, outbound recruiting).  The events can be designed for a B2B or B2C audience and provide a uniquely powerful way to promote a company’s brand and showcase its products.

Working with TAtech, the host company selects the venue and date for the conference as well as the program of speakers.  TAtech does everything else, including creating the Summit page on TAtech.org; contracting with the venue; arranging for discount hotels options; handling registration; contracting for conference AV, Food & beverage and other logistics; and actually conducting the event.

Featured Provider

Available only to TAtech Members, TAtech accepts and promotes only one Featured Provider in a specific category of talent technology (e.g., programmatic, job board, recruitment marketing) per calendar year.  TAtech then provides each Featured Provider with a brand building and/or lead gen opportunity every month for the entire year, in effect creating a unique and sustained program to advance the growth of its business.

This opportunity includes prime speaking slots at both TAtech’s in-person and digital events as well as premier sponsorships at its industry congresses, designation as a Super Solution on TAtech.org and in the TAtech Talent Technology Buyer’s Guide, special promotions in TAtech’s weekly newsletters and more.

For more information and/or to take advantage of these opportunities, please contact Peter Weddle.