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Animal Health Jobs is a partner of Brakke Consulting, the leading consulting firm specializing in animal health and nutrition. Since 1986, Brakke Consulting has strategically helped companies build growth and generate value. With insight gained from its recruiting services, Brakke Consulting perceived the need for a more efficient way to connect companies with talented people in animal health, and developed Animal Health Jobs to meet this need. Over the years, Animal Health Jobs has become the top job board industry companies rely on to find the talent they need. Animal Health Jobs was created to exclusively serve the needs of companies and employees in the animal health, nutrition, and veterinary industries. Unlike other job boards, does not overwhelm users with listings and resumes that are not specific to the animal health field. We list only animal health positions. Not only that, we screen all job seekers for relevant work experience, making the process of matching the right job seeker to the right position simple and efficient.