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At DataMigrator  we specialise in Recruitment software (ATS / CRM) and HR Systems and have run 100’s of projects securely  extracting, migrating and transforming data and documents between over 90 different CRM and ATS systems – for recruitment agencies, HR and internal recruitment organisations all over the world.

When a recruitment agency or HR organisation is looking to change to new software, one of the key considerations is what happens to all of their existing data and documents. This is our where extensive experience comes to the fore.

We work very closely with software companies to enhance and accelerate the data migration part of the process for their clients. Often we are embedded as a seamless part of the software house’s migration team and we also operate as third-party migrations experts, engaged directly by agencies or HR / In-house recruitment functions.

Our Vision

We have a sharp focus on the world of Recruitment and HR coupled with the niche but essential business of data migration. We have a unique body of knowledge and experience in this sector that is likely unmatched by any other technology service provider. Our whole business is optimised with high performance hardware and specially written software dedicated to manipulating recruitment data and HR Data quickly and securely.

Our aim is for our service and tools to become the de-facto standards for global HR and Recruitment data migration projects.

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