January, 2022   –    11:00 AM EST

TAtech is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Job.com to launch the first annual TAtech Leadership Summit on Blockchain & Other Data Technologies in Talent Acquisition. This focused one-topic digital event will be held in January of 2022.  The specific date will be announced as soon as it is available.

The Summit is designed for HR and Talent Acquisition leaders and professionals and for the executives and senior staff of those companies that are developing and/or offering blockchain-based talent acquisition products. A 3-hour, jam-packed program, it will feature presentations, panels and peer2peer discussions that will benefit newcomers to the technology and experts alike.

The agenda will explore the following topics and more:

  • What is blockchain and what are its potential uses in recruiting?
  • Validating candidate credentials and employment history with trusted networks
  • Building candidate relationships through blocks for career self-management
  • Establishing and managing data security protocols for candidate blocks
  • The application of cryptocurrencies in recruitment advertising

Registration is open to all and free.

About JOB.com

Co-founded and led by industry visionaries Paul Sloyan and Arran Stewart, the new Job.com is upending everything you think you know about staffing and recruitment.

  • We’re using advanced data science to put people back in control of their own success
  • We’re unifying the staffing supply chain so companies can reduce the time and cost to hire the right candidates — and retain great employees as long as possible
  • We’re turning recruiters into advocates and partners, not just matchmakers
  • And we’re making the entire experience more human, for everybody.