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A Joint TAtech – Talent Board Event

For Corporate & Industry Execs & Senior Professionals

September 28, 2022 ● Harvard Club ● New York, NY

TAtech & the Talent Board have partnered to launch the TAtech Leadership Summit on Technology & the Candidate Experience.  Specifically designed for both corporate and industry executives and senior professionals, it will be held at the Harvard Club in New York City on September 28th.

Using a uniquely collegial approach, the Summit will offer presentations, panels, fireside chats and peer2peer discussions to address the best practices for applying talent technology to optimize the candidate experience at every stage of the recruiting funnel – all formatted in a one-day program to minimize time out of your home or corporate office.

The full program will be published as soon as it is finalized, but will cover such topics as:

·         What’s different about and what remains unchanged in the post-Covid candidate journey through employers’ recruiting funnels?

·         What are the markers of success in managing candidates’ experience as they move through the funnel?

·         How can technology-based products be most effectively applied to optimize that experience at the top, middle and bottom of the funnel?

·         How should technology providers and employers collaboratively organize and implement their application projects so they achieve the best possible outcome?

·         A Product Palooza, Introducing Some of the Latest Solutions Available to Employers for Optimizing the Candidate Experience.

So, if you want to acquire the greatest amount of information and insights in the least amount of time out of the office, all while interacting with other thought leaders in the talent acquisition space, this is the conference for you.  Join us!

“There are very few leadership summits you can attend where you feel the immediate value based on the intimate nature of the sessions, subject matter expertise and the ability to network with colleagues and create deeper friendships like at a TAtech event.” 
Said Eastman, CEO

About TAtech

TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions is the trade organization for the global talent technology industry.  Its Members provide technology-based products for developing relationships with, sourcing, evaluating, managing and hiring candidates in every profession, craft and trade.  In addition, the Association promotes the effective acquisition and use of those products through a Learning and Certification Program for HR/TA professionals, a Talent Technology Buyer’s Guide, a slate of annual Industry Congresses and topic-specific Leadership Summits and its industry-wide standards setting committees.

About The Talent Board

Founded in 2011, Talent Board and the Candidate Experience Awards is the first non-profit research organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience. Talent Board delivers annual recruiting and hiring industry benchmark research that highlights accountability, fairness and the business impact of candidate experience. More information can be found at

Harvard Club Dress Code

BUSINESS CASUAL is required throughout the Club. It does not include jeans and does require collared shirts for men (but not jackets or ties) and the equivalent caliber of dress for women.