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TAtech North America & The World Job Board Forum




The Investors & Analysts Summit and the TAtech Deal Center


May 22-24, 2023 ● University of Texas AT&T Conference Center ● Austin, Texas USA


"TAtech conducts must-attend events--I have never missed even one! The partnerships that I've been able to build from the connections I have met over the years would be easily valued in the multiples of millions of dollars!"

Joe Stubblebine, CRO

TAtech North America & The World Job Board Forum is the only conference in the North American market that is completely dedicated to job boards, aggregators, talent marketplaces and programmatic platforms as well as the agencies and talent technology solutions that work with them.


What Makes It Special?


TAtech North America & The World Job Board Forum is specifically designed to provide the key elements of business success:

  • up-to-the-minute market and customer insights,


  • the latest research on emerging talent technologies,


  • strategic B2B contacts with key industry players in all segments of the market, and


  • prescheduled and serendipitous meetings with potential business partners.

Plus, this year for the first time ever, the opportunity to meet:


  • Prospective angel, private equity and VC investors



  • Leading analysts in the talent technology field.

Who Should Attend?

TAtech North America & The World Job Board Forum will advance the success of any company that uses technology to design, develop and/or deliver a talent acquisition product or service, including:


  • Assessment & Interviewing Solutions


  • Automated Recruiting Solutions


  • Conversational AI and Chatbot Solutions


  • Corporate Career Site Providers


  • CRM platforms


  • Email & Candidate Communications Providers


  • Job Boards, Aggregators and Talent Marketplaces


  • Job Board Platform Providers


  • Outbound Recruiting Platforms


  • Programmatic Ad Buying Platforms


  • Recruitment Advertising Agencies


  • Recruitment Marketing Companies

What’s the Conference Focus?

Unlike conferences for HR/TA professionals, TAtech North America & The World Job Board Forum is a B2B event that focuses on delivering the information, ideas and innovations that will advance the bottom-line success of online recruitment advertising and other talent acquisition technology businesses.


Plus, the opportunity to take advantage of:


  • • The TAtech Deal Center for B2B business building connections



  • The Investors & Analysts Summit for strategic business developments.

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