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TAtech Europe &
the EMEA Job Board Forum 2023

A TAtech Members Event ● Dec 4-6, 2023 ● London, United Kingdom

Day 1 of the conference.

Wendy McDougall, Founder & CEO Firefish Software

David Wilson, CEO Fosway Group


Antonia Manoochehri, Founder & CEO, Lumenai

Brandon Mitchell, Founder & CEO, Writesea

Nash Fayyad, Email Enthusiast, Netcore

Richard Collins, CEO and Co-Founder, CV Wallet


Alexander Chukovski, CEO Crypto-Careers.com

Adam Gordon, CEO & Co-Founder, Poetry HR

Daryl Cohen, Partner Capital D


Day 2 of the conference.

Stephen O’Donnell, Chief Growth Officer, TAtech

Andrea Marston, Sr. Director Global TA VMware

Lily Valentin, Director of International Business Development, and Julius Probst, European Labour Economist, Appcast

Hilda Kabushenka, CEO, The African Talent Company

Lauri Koop, CEO, Aimwel

TAtech North America &
the World Job Board Forum 2023

A TAtech Members Event ● May 22-24, 2023 ● Austin Texas

Day 1 of the conference.

David Crawford, New York Presbyterian Hospital

Mike Woodrow, Aspen Tech Labs

Mikaela Fitzwilliam, Dalia

Tom Chevalier, Appcast

Joe Stubblebine and Duane Zoscin, Lensa

Matt Cahill, Loopa Automate

Pete Lamson, Employ

Corey Greendale, First Analysis


Day 2 of the conference.

Sarah White, Aspect 43

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Renée La Londe, MojoHire – CONFERENCE SERIES video here

Lauri Koop, Aimwel

Matt O’Connor, Pandologic – Veritone