1:00        Stephen O’Donnell – Welcome on behalf of TAtech        

1:10        Chad and Katrina                            

1:25        Martin Lenz,      Jobiqo 

The Job Board Strategy Debunk

Exploding common myths about success in the job board sector and how to succeed in an ever-challenging environment in 2023

1:50        Katrina Hutchinson-O'Neill,        Join Talent         

TA Market Futurology - perspectives on the 2023 landscape

2:15        Simon Wingate,               Reed.co.uk

What could 2023 look like for UK job sites, and how should we be planning?

The Bank of England have stated that we are facing the longest recession since the 1930s, with a likely impact on levels of employment in the UK. With this in mind, we will discuss the potential outlook for UK job sites, what this could mean for jobseeker activity and its potential impact on employers.

2:40        Break                   

3:00        Chris Adams,       Madgex

Job Boards and ATS’s | How We Start Talking

Chris will focus on the relationship between Job Boards and ATS’s, and how deeper integrations are the formula for success

3:25        Bill Boorman      Real Links           

A guide to making lemonade

When life throws you lemons, the old saying goes. The world is in a crisis of crisis, from covid, to invasions to the environment and the cost of living. Keeping up with what is going wrong is a full-time job, but. Some companies on the tech space are recording record returns. Boorman will try to make sense of what thinking is making a difference and creating opportunity

3:50        Roy Jacques       Appcast               

Programmatic Job Advertising – European Developments

In this talk, Roy Jacques, MD for Appcast in the UK & EMEA, will update us on the development of programmatic advertising in the UK and Europe and show how ad revenue for job boards is diversifying both in terms of ad units and buyers’ geography.

4:15        Morgan Lobb     Vercida

The UK Job Board Alliance

How collectively the job board industry can rubber neck less, and do more to support jobseekers through the car crash economy.

4:40        Chad Sowash                     Wrap Up

5:00        Close