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Faith Rothberg


College Recruiter

For three decades, Faith has been involved in strategic development and technology, from managing business units with large corporations, to consulting with large and small businesses and finally running her own business with her partner and husband, Steven Rothberg, at College Recruiter. Faith is known for her ability to envision long-term, strategic solutions as well as her skill in managing technology in the fast-paced world of the Internet and her strong relationship skills allowing her to manage people well. Faith has always strived for balance in her life. She left the large corporate world as her family grew. She first joined her husband as the Vice President of their business. In that role, she was involved in all of the strategic decisions but not the day-to-day operations. Later, as their children grew older, she started working full-time as Chief Executive Officer. In that role, she shares responsibilities in strategic, financial and human resource decisions. In addition she heads up the technology side of the company.