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Gergo Vari



I have one mission: to revolutionize job search for companies and professionals. A founder by nature, I first tasted entrepreneurship as a child selling fruit from my grandfather’s orchard. My journey through founding, funding, and exiting successful startups has taught me a valuable lesson: the hiring process is broken. And so is the way we look for jobs and develop our careers. That’s why I created Lensa, a start-up that offers a technological solution to the crisis of the career marketplace. In 2001, I funded and launched, Hungary’s leading recruitment platform. In just 4 years, we reached an extraordinary market share of 75%. When SanomaMedia purchased the company in 2005, the transaction was the largest of its kind in Hungary up to that time. My passion for startups led me on to found and head e-Ventures, and later, in 2008, to the launch and sale of AffilateMedia,, and Replise. These ventures opened my eyes to the need for recruiting and human resources technology that puts people first. At Lensa, we are working every day to share the transformative potential of this vision with the world. Starting with you!