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Joel Cheesman


Chad & Cheese Podcast

Past employer on my marketing skills: "Grand slam! Far exceeds requirements. I didn't expect to use you on marketing initiatives as much as we did. However, you are one of the most creative people I have ever had the pleasure of working with and you are unbelievably valuable to the company in this regard. We need to make it a mutual goal this year to further hone your job description to take advantage of this. I want to be able to off-load some of my marketing responsibilities and have you run with them (without my input). Digital marketing expert focused on driving revenue and building brands, primarily via mobile marketing, SEO, SEM, content and social media. Entrepreneurial wannabe, blogger and occasional public speaker. Specialties: Nation building. Marketing. Sales. Product. SEO. Mobile. Social media. Web promotion. Text messaging. Restaurant advertising. Business development. Recruiting. Ideation.