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Modiara Kamps

Employment Branding EMEA


I’m a professional with a broad understanding of business processes and leadership, who can be defined by a positive and creative approach to people, challenges and life in general. After acquiring my BBA, with an award winning thesis on innovation as the icing on the cake, I’ve spent time studying nursery. Intrigued by and learning loads of invaluable lessons from the close human interaction. On the one hand I’m an analytic, who reflects carefully on past experiences and enjoys capturing them in an autobiographic book I’m writing. On the other I’m a creative who loves love to cook (for others in particular), finding the perfect match of ingredients, preferably without leaning en predetermined recipes. (Check out my instagram if you’re a foodie) This translates very well to business, enabling me to excel in hospitality and HR. My track record shows that I can analyze situations, define challenges and set SMART goals correctly, to then find and motivate the right people to meet them.