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Noel Webb

SVP Head of Innovation

Alexander Mann Solutions

A veteran of business development and out-of-the-box thinking, Noel has been a leader in his roles over the years for several companies, including Karen HR, Bam Digital, Quikmint, SpeakFeel, and Agnition. During his career as a technology leader, Noel has developed a passion for products and innovations and has been the driving force behind products such as: Karen AI, Quikmint, OOLYO, Tech & Design and TeamHQ. In addition, Noel has been a strategic advisor for high profile clients such as Torstar Digital, Syngenta, Toyota, IBM and helped them to build a product-driven approach to business. As a man of many talents, Noel can also be found crafting music with a legendary and iconic Canadian band, Skydiggers, crafting interesting and eclectic brews and charcuterie and spending time with friends and family.