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Theo Smith

Head of Recruitment

Once upon a time I was a professional Actor. I now use my thespian skills to entertain my daughter and son, and to bring my employers brand to life here at NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). I also love writing and curating content as #ChatTalent European Editor. So you’ll often find me at events, seminars and social gatherings wearing my dual hat! I’m Neurodiverse and a Neurodiversity advocate, inbox me or read my blogs on #ChatTalent to learn more! 2019 has brought me onto the #RL100 future leader’s programme, I am committed to positively engaging, learning from, impacting and transforming the in-house recruitment and Talent Acquisition industry. I’m a futurist and therefore highly focused and adaptable to all things change and transformation, whether that be technology, operations, people and strategies.