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4 Reasons to Hire a Candidate With No Experience

It’s understandable that, with the majority of roles you’re hiring for, you’ll need someone who has worked in the industry before, or who has taken on a similar job in a different sector. This is particularly true for more senior positions.

However, it’s also worth noting that sometimes hiring for potential can work just as well. In the current market, with huge skills shortages, there’s no better time to consider this option

When faced with a mountain of CVs to screen, employers often pay the most attention to those with demonstrable experience and success in their industry. But actually, this won’t necessarily guarantee you the best results.

By extending the opportunity to a candidate with little or no experience, you might find that their passion and ambition makes them a better hire.

So, as a recruiter, what could setting traditional hiring practices aside mean for your company? Here are four reasons why you should consider a candidate with no experience.

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