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A New Pathway to the Top of the Recruiting Profession

Traditionally, there has been only one pathway to the top of the recruiting profession: filling reqs. On the upside, it’s been a reliable source of career advancement; on the downside, the pathway is chockablock full of complicating variables over which you have no control.

Well, now there’s a second way to move up the recruiting ranks: serving as your organization’s go-to expert in talent technology. Companies need the help as they often fail to get either the performance improvements or return on investment they expected when they acquire such solutions.

How do you gain – and sustain – that expertise? Become a TAtech Professional Member.

TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions is the trade organization for the global talent technology industry. Its conferences attract the movers and shakers in TA tech and its publications are read by tens of thousands of business leaders around the world. And now, TAtech is opening its membership to HR and Talent Acquisition professionals working for enterprise employers and SMBs.

Membership conveys a number of unique benefits, including:
• huge discounts on attending TAtech Leadership Summits, where you can interact with today’s talent technology thought leaders;
• priority consideration for speaking slots at those events, where you can establish yourself as a talent technology thought leader;
• a free copy of the TAtech Talent Technology Implementation Management Handbook & Guide, so you can lead or serve on your employer’s talent technology implementation projects;
• and much more!

Best of all, the cost of membership is so low even the CFO will smile. This is a brand new program, so for more information, contact TAtech CEO Peter Weddle at