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A Virtual Mentor for Your Career

Mentors are both increasingly important to career success in HR and talent acquisition and increasingly hard to find. Even those who are willing to help out often find themselves so overcommitted at work, they can’t devote the time to do so.

But now, there’s a solution to this problem. It’s called Career Makers, and it’s a free interview series with some of the most successful people in HR and recruiting. Unlike with best practices webinars, however, the series:
• Explores how corporate and industry HR/TA leaders built their successful careers;
• Offers stories as well as insights that provide important lessons learned from the real world;
• Is formatted in 30-minute shows that you can easily squeeze it into even an overcrowded day.

So, invest in yourself and take advantage of this free resource. Click here and listen to interviews with:
• William Tincup, President & Editor-at-Large
• Justin Clem, Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition & Management, Frontdoor
• Diane Smith, CEO
• Lou Adler, CEO Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems
• Shelia Gray, VP/TA at Quadient
• Michael Hurwitz, President
• Nicky Garcea, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer Cappfinity
• Karyn Mullins, former President