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Buying Smart

More and more recruiting teams are investing in talent technology, which is a good thing. Recruiters deserve the support. But, with those purchases comes a new responsibility: the obligation to spend the company’s money wisely.

And, that’s a challenge: there are a bazillion talent technology companies out there, offering all kinds of recruiting products, so how do you know which will deliver the ROI your company is expecting?

Historically, there have been few if any information resources that could help you out. Oh sure, there was the occasional top 10 new year’s picks by this pundit or that, but nothing you could rely on that was always available and up-to-date and covered all segments of talent technology. At least, there was nothing until now.

Today, you can use the completely free TAtech Talent Technology Buyer’s Guide. It covers every kind of product from conversational AI solutions and programmatic ad buying platforms to job boards and applicant tracking systems, from recruitment marketing companies and CRM systems to digital interviewing products and recruitment advertising agencies.

Equally as important, the Guide only lists TAtech Members because they have a unique attribute: They are organizations that offer great talent technology and ascribe to the TAtech Code of Ethics. So, the Guide spotlights solution providers with BOTH state-of-the-art products and business practices you can count on!

Whether you’re actively looking to purchase a talent technology product or simply checking out what might work for your organization, the best way to meet your fiduciary responsibility is to shop smart – only consider great products from reputable providers … and the TAtech Talent Technology Buyer’s Guide will help you to do just that!