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Episode 1 of Start Smart: The Future of Work

Episode 1 of the Start Smart Podcast – the podcast that looks at the facts in Talent Acquisition – is now available.

Co-Hosts Peter Weddle and Shelia Gray explore the findings of Korn Ferry’s recent report on The Future of Work Trends 2022: The New Era of Humanity. The report covers 7 trends, but Peter & Shelia focus on three: Scarcity, Individuality and Inclusivity.

Start Smart is unique because it deals with the facts – the latest research in talent acquisition – and examines those facts from three different perspectives: the employer, an industry analyst and solution providers. Just as important, it does all that in just 30 minutes, so you can easily fit listening into even the busiest day.

Download the podcast at Spotify and Google podcasts or listen to it here.