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Galahad 3093 is developer David Whatley’s new mech shooter, and a lot has changed in 30 years

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Galahad 3093 is the new mech shooter from developer Simutronics Corp. Simutronics founder David Whatley describes the game as a spiritual successor to CyberStrike, which was one of the first ever online shooters back in 1993. And Simutronics’ roots go back even further to multiuser dungeon (MUD) games like 1988’s GemStoneIV. Now, the studio is working on one of its biggest projects ever, and some things have changed in the more than 30 years since Whatley started the business in his parents’ house. I talked to him about that for the How Games Make Money podcast, which you can listen to right here:

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“Back when I was first starting the team, the first