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How Beamery Realizes the Power of Talent Intelligence Capabilities in Candidate Relationship Management Tools  

By Sultan Saidov, Co-founder and President, Beamery & Jeet Mukerji, Product Manager, Beamery

In this article, Sultan Saidov Co-Founder and President and Jeet Mukerji Product Manager of Beamery describe how Beamery started as a candidate relationship management system and shifted to adding talent intelligence capabilities. Saidov and Mukerji uncover why Talent Intelligence is important and how to make meaningful decisions with data from multiple sources. The article then reveals if talent intelligence is a new, up-and-coming vendor category. Saidov and Mukerji conclude with practical applications of talent intelligence and predictions for the future. 

Overview of Beamery 

Beamery has been a mission-driven company since its inception. Our goal, from the beginning, has been to eliminate the ‘passport lottery’ – the idea that the place that you are born, becomes your destiny – and give every person the opportunity to find the right career, education, and healthcare. It’s a crucial part