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Job Advertising Strategy: 3 Tips for Posting Jobs Online

In today’s competitive landscape, recruitment professionals are faced with the major challenge of reaching the essential talent they need to drive their organization forward.

As recruiters continue to allocate more of their budgets toward job advertising, understanding the performance of job ads becomes increasingly important to drive better ROI.

Having a clear strategy for job advertising means you have a ‘game plan’ to address what, where, and how you will attract new candidates to your organization. Additionally, it provides a framework for agility and being able to iterate on the strategy as your hiring needs evolve, or as the market shifts, or technology changes.

To build a solid strategy, one which can be measured for performance across all your open roles, you need to use data. Identifying the benchmarks you will use to measure the success of your strategy is key to decision-making, forecasting, and understanding the ROI of your job advertising, as a channel within your broader recruitment marketing strategy.

Read on as we share three tips to drive better performance from your job ads based on industry-leading benchmarks from the 2023 version of our annual Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report (now in its seventh year!).

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