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Lensa: Keeping in-step with the fast-evolving job market

Job Board Journal: a weekly column covering the art and science of job boards & other online recruitment advertising solutions by TAtech CGO Stephen O’Donnell.

Given their position in the North American jobs market, Lensa have a uniquely fine-tuned handle on the hiring sector in the USA.

Lensa is a recruitment advertising & data services company - which might surprise jobseekers who think it looks like a job board. What it is, is a recruiting platform, specifically engineered to find potential candidates wherever they are, and use technology to continually fine tune that proess to be as effective and efficient as can be. 

Lensa helps employers, staffing firms, RPOs and Recruitment Ad Agencies and partners connect with active, qualified and interested jobseekers through a variety of products and services.

Joe Stubblebine, Chief Revenue Officer is entirely on top of the current fluctuations and volatility of the current hiring market, and is happy to share a wealth of information on where we are headed.

Stephen O'Donnell