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Lessons Learned, Practical Tips & Some Unconventional Thinking

That’s what you can look forward to at the TAtech – HR Florida digital conference, “Transforming Possibilities Into Positives” on May 11.

Yes, it’s another online event, but this one offers a unique blend of wisdom, insights and innovation. Here’s the agenda:

Recruiting in a Time of Covid: What’s changed, what’s here to stay, and what changes are yet to come?

Nexxt Practices in Job Posting: Retire worn out, old “best practices” and use a new approach to advertising for talent.

Giving SMBs a Technological Edge in Recruiting: Going toe-to-toe with the big guys and winning the War for the Best Talent.

Recognition & Credibility in Turbulent Times: Applications are down, ghosting is up and traffic numbers are crazy – can employer branding help?

Programmatic Ad Buying Unveiled: What is it, how does it work and can it achieve results for small as well as large businesses?

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