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Mobile Optimization Tips for Job Postings

Posted on the iHire Resource Center for Employers

If your job posts aren’t mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on reaching a large percentage of the talent pool. According to our 2021 State of Online Recruiting Report, 28.3% of job seekers surveyed said they’d be more likely to apply for a position if the posting was accessible on mobile.

Employers need to know how to optimize their posting so they’re readable, digestible, and easily accessible on smartphones and tablets.

Here are a few tips to help you write job postings that are appealing on any mobile device.

How to Optimize Job Postings

When considering how to optimize posts for mobile, it’s vital to incorporate some basic job posting best practices. It’s essential to focus on:
• How to write an effective job posting: Your job ad is just that — an advertisement — and should make job seekers excited to apply to your opening.
• How to integrate SEO for job postings: SEO (search engine optimization) is key if you want to reach the right audience online.
• How to create a job posting to support mobile user submissions: Candidates want the ability to easily search and apply for jobs from their mobile devices — a mobile-friendly process is necessary if you want to reach the most talent.

How to Write an Effective Job Posting for Mobile

• Job seekers want to view postings that are appealing and easily digestible on a mobile device. Some important guidelines to keep in mind are:
• Job descriptions should be between 600 and 700 words to hold the reader’s attention.
• Sentences should be kept short and focused, with no more than 13 words each.
• Use bullets points for at least 1/3 of your post to make it easy to skim and review.
• Talk directly to the person applying by using pronouns like you and your.
• Be concise and specific. Don’t add fluff or unnecessary content to your post.

How to Integrate SEO for Job Postings

Implementing SEO for job postings is crucial to ensure your open position is found online when job seekers conduct their searches. To begin, research and identify appropriate keywords to include. Refer to your competitor’s job ads for some keyword considerations. You can also use an online keyword tool, like Google Trends, to see what keywords your target users might be using for their online searches.

Once you’ve identified your keywords, refer to the following SEO best practices for your job ad:
• Optimize your job titles with keywords.
• Use unique, keyword-optimized URLs for each post.
• Use keywords in the post’s meta description.
• Avoid using your company name at the beginning of the job title. Instead, use the job title and relevant keywords. If you incorporate your company name, use it at the end of the job title.
• Use the job title a few times throughout the post to increase keyword optimization.
Bear in mind that you want to use the job title and keywords naturally throughout your ad to avoid keyword stuffing, which hurts SEO.

How to Create Job Postings to Support Mobile User Submissions

Once you have the job ad written, the final component is to make sure users can easily apply to the posting. Include clear instructions on how to apply for open positions from their devices.
When exploring how to optimize job postings for mobile, use these guidelines and tips for success. Your job applicants will thank you!