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New Advertising Opportunities Now Available

TAtech publishes three newsletters every week and distributes them to a global audience. They include:
TAprose, reaching job boards, aggregators and other online publishers, as well as every other kind of talent technology solution provider;
RECprose, reaching HR/TA leaders and professionals working at enterprise employers and SMBs;
TA Tech Business NewZ, reaching any and everyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the talent technology industry.

Our lists include only curated top contacts in corporate HR and Talent Acquisition as well as among partners, influencers and investors in the talent technology industry. There are no filler addresses, just connections to genuine decision-makers and thought leaders. And they pay attention. Our open rates exceed 18-22% and generate industry-standard click-throughs, giving your messages the attention and engagement they deserve.

And now, your company can advertise in TAtech’s publications with banner ads, Image and text ads and even video. For more information and our rate card, please contact Peter Weddle.