How to Implement AT Recruiting Tools Without Trashing Recruiters

In one recent survey, over two-thirds of the respondents said they thought that AI would replace them on-the-job.  Among many HR and Talent Acquisition professionals, there’s been a similar level of anxiety and sometimes even fear about the impact of the technology.  So, what I wanted to explore in this episode of Start Smart is how recruiting teams can capture the benefits of AI without trashing recruiters in the process.

My guest for the show is Adam Godson, the President & Chief Product Officer at

We explored several aspects of the topic, including:

  1. Are recruiters’ fears justified?
  2. Should they worry about the impact of AI on their jobs?
  3. What are the best ways for employers to acquire and implement the technology, so that it helps rather than harms recruiters?, and
  4. What can individual recruiters do to make sure they’re on top of AI and not crushed by it? 

It’s a fascinating conversation with a guy who’s been both a recruiter and a technologist, so his insights are on point and extremely helpful.