Resetting Your TA Organization for the Road Ahead

TA organizations large and small are constantly being stretched and pulled by the new and always morphing expectations and behaviors of candidates.  In response, some and perhaps many of those organizations are now looking to reset the model with which they establish their functional capabilities and the mix of roles and skills required to execute them.  In this episode of the podcast, we take a look at one such model, a paradigm that was developed by WorkTech and described in its report entitled “Future Proof Your Talent Acquisition Strategy: The New Model for Talent Acquisition Leadership.

We began the show by discussing the five priorities or needs of modern TA organizations that WorkTech identified in the survey and interviews it conducted for its report.  It then used those priorities to determine the “specialists” that would be needed to augment recruiters in its new model for a talent acquisition organization.  As we analyzed the structure, it seemed reasonable in concept but, we concluded, probably well beyond what most TA organizations could afford.  In addition, as the report notes, creating such a high-powered organization also revives the question of where it should reside in the enterprise.  The report offers one view, Peter counters with a very different one, and Shelia argues that the question is irrelevant if the rationale for what the future TA organization should be can’t be effectively communicated to the CEO with numbers.  It’s a though-provoking conversation about a very interesting and important bit of research.

Links mentioned:

‘Future Proof Your Talent Acquisition Strategy’ – WorkTech