Rise of the Relatable Organization: Actionable Strategy or Pipe Dream?

Mercer’s 2022 Global Talent Trends study surveyed 11,000 executives, HR leaders and workers across 16 countries and 13 industries. It explores how organizations are responding to changing workforce dynamics to reimagine work itself and their own value proposition as an employer. In the process, Mercer argues, organizations must become more relatable or better connected with and relevant to the people they want to hire and retain.

In this week’s discussion, we look at the facts presented in the report and acknowledge the logic of Mercer’s conclusion, but for several reasons, question whether a relatable organization is a genuine possibility in today’s business climate. In our view, the current occupants of the c-suite in too many employers lack either an appropriate grasp of the permanent new reality in today’s workforce or the sustainable courage to design and develop such an organization, especially with a recession looming on the horizon.

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