The Future of Work Trends: Scarcity, Individuality and Inclusivity

Welcome to our first episode of Start Smart! In this episode, my co-host Shelia and I dive straight into some fascinating research conducted by Korn Ferry’s report ‘The Future of Work Trends in 2022: The new era of humanity’. We hone in on three trends from the report that stood out to us: Scarcity, Individuality and Inclusivity. We also uncover some key insights from ‘National Trends in Disability Employment (nTIDE)’ and Deloitte’s ‘Inclusivity - Unleashing the Power of All’.  


Tune in to this conversation as we explore the Great Resignation, auditing your talent acquisition strategy, communicating your culture through job ads, and dealing with unused technology that’s just sitting on the ‘shelf’.

Links mentioned:

‘The Future of Work Trends in 2022: The new era of humanity’ by Korn Ferry

Workers with disabilities overcome pandemic setbacks, outpacing people without disabilities to set new records for employment

CandE Awards

Aptitude Research Report 

‘Inclusivity - Unleashing the Power of All’

More information on the co-hosts:

Peter Weddle

Described by The Washington Post as "a man filled with ingenious ideas," Peter Weddle has authored or edited over two dozen books, been a columnist for The Wall Street Journal and launched – and then sold – his own talent technology company. He has also served on numerous federal government panels and appointed committees exploring the intersection of technology and workers. Today, he is the CEO of TAtech: the Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions, the trade organization for the global talent technology industry.

Sarah White

Formerly a Principal Analyst with Bersin, Deloitte Consulting, Sara White is now the Founder and CEO of Aspect43, a boutique research and advisory firm. They partner with the leading HR and Work technology vendors as well as innovative startups and investment firms to work behind the scenes with their leadership to growth, positioning, market adoption, and product strategy. Their research and strategic service teams support companies from pre-launch start-up to global enterprise looking to learn and grow in the market.

Shelia Gray

Shelia Gray is the VP of Global Talent Acquisition at Quadient, leading the company's Talent Acquisition transformation and enhancing its talent market position. She is the architect responsible for the design and implementation of the global recruitment service delivery model, enhanced candidate relationship journey, and effective technology transition. She also has an operational role, building recruiting teams that can improve stakeholder satisfaction, achieve sound sourcing cost management and continuously upgrade process/performance efficiency.