Connecting Next-Gen Professionals With the Employers That Share Their Values

The Start Smart podcast has a simple premise: The best way to succeed in talent acquisition is to begin by using the latest data to pinpoint the characteristics that matter in the workforce. So, what’s the key data point for today’s recruiters? It’s that Millennials are now the largest single cohort in the workforce. They make up more than one-third – 35 per cent, in fact – of all workers, and by 2030, just six years from now, they will comprise 75 per cent of the working population. Said another way, the policies, processes, practices and technology employers have used to recruit what used to be the largest workforce cohort – Boomers – must now be reconfigured for Millennials and GenZs.

In this episode of Start Smart, I am joined by Heather Tenuto, CEO of and, two linked sites that focus on serving next-gen professionals and the employers that are actively recruiting them. We cover a broad range of social, cultural and workforce topics and hone in on why TheMuse has positioned itself as “the first values-based career platform” for net-gen workers and how employers can use “authentic employer brand storytelling” to connect with them. It’s a fascinating conversation, so listen in.