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SentinelOne bolsters its big data analytics with $155 million Scalyr acquisition

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SentinelOne, an AI-powered cybersecurity platform focused on endpoint protection, has acquired Scalyr, a log management and server monitoring service founded by former Google engineers in 2011. The $155 million cash and equity deal precedes a much-anticipated IPO, though no immediate time frame has been given, and represents SentinelOne’s first known acquisition.

Mountain View-based SentinelOne protects all entry points to a company network, be that a server or employee mobile device, and automatically monitors for malware, script-based attacks, among other exploits. The AI engine is embedded at each endpoint,  identifying threats through behavioral analysis rather than relying on signatures for known malware. Scalyr, for its part, offers a cloud-based platform for speedy log management and server monitoring, which