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Start Smart Podcast

TA Tech: The Times They Are a-Changin’

Driven by shifts in candidate behaviors and expectations, the war for talent is now much more than a competition among employers for new hires. It also encompasses changes in process, technology, and culture in recruiting teams and in the greater priority they are accorded by the c-suite. The reset is not universal, to be sure, but it is widespread enough to be reshaping what it takes to succeed in talent acquisition, today and into the future. That’s just one of the topics we discuss in this episode of Start Smart. Stephen O’Donnell, the CGO at TAtech, joins us in our review of a report from industry research company Aspect 43, entitled The Talent Acquisition Technology 2022 Market Guide. In addition to our discussion of organizational change, we also explore the impact of an accelerating introduction of and greater reliance on new technology among recruiting teams and the challenges of making the right product acquisitions and effectively implementing those products in an employer’s tech stack. As always, it’s a lively 30-minutes of point-counterpoint that’s guided by the facts, the latest findings in TA research.