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Start Smart Podcast Ep:10 Moving to the Head of the Pack: TA Tech Outpaces HR Tech

Episode 10 • 6th September 2022 • Start Smart • Peter Weddle and Shelia Gray

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Go to most HR conferences and you’ll quickly sense the prominent role that HR tech plays in modern talent acquisition. It’s not an inappropriate position, of course – HR tech products for compensation and benefits administration, human capital management, HRIS, and learning and development are definitely important and helpful, but there is a caveat. When it comes to cutting edge technologies, today’s HR tech can’t match the contribution TA tech is making to recruitment.

In this episode of the Start Smart podcast, we take a look at Gartner’s whitepaper entitled “Six Emerging HR Technology Trends” and its assessment of where those technologies are in their development and implementation. In every case – whether it’s Virtual assistants in HCM, Internal talent marketplace, Employee productivity monitoring, DEI in HCM, Blockchain in HCM, or AR/VR applications in corporate learning, the implementation of those technologies is behind their use in recruiting. And not by a little, but by as much as five to ten years, based on the products’ positioning in Gartner’s HCM Hype Cycle. So, tune in and take a listen to the show that’s all about the facts in talent acquisition.

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