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Start Smart Podcast Ep:11 Was McLuhan Right: Is Medium the Message in Candidate Communications?

Episode 11 • 20th September 2022 • Start Smart • Peter Weddle and Shelia Gray

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Almost half of the candidates in a recent study said they don’t even bother to read the communications they get from recruiters.  The same study also found that many employers reverted to bad behavior during the pandemic and no longer communicate with candidates and applicants on a regular basis.  The net result is a crisis in communications that is undermining both the candidate experience and employer’s recruiting results.

In this episode of the Start Smart podcast, we explore some of the findings of a recent report from Aptitude Research entitled “The Rise of Text Recruiting and the Business Impact.”  First, we noted that the communications crisis is often driven by recruiter overload and burnout, and that problem deserves as much attention as the need for new tools that can improve candidate outreach.  Second, we discussed what recruiting teams are trying to accomplish (or need to) with their candidate communications.  And third, we talked through some of the benefits of text cited in the report and whether the medium was sufficient, in and of itself, to shoulder the bulk or even all of an employer’s candidate communications.

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The Rise of Text Recruitment and the Business Impact – Aptitude

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