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Start Smart Podcast Ep:2

Gender Disparities in the Workforce During the Pandemic: Workplace Participation, Pay Inequality & More Episode 2 ● May 3, 2022 ● Start Smart ● Peter Weddle and Shelia Gray
Episode 2 • 3rd May 2022 • Start Smart • Peter Weddle and Shelia Gray

In this episode, we explore a recent report by Pew Research on the impact of the pandemic on gender disparities within the US workforce. It’s an interesting study that, in some areas, offers findings that run counter to the conventional wisdom. Citing a survey of U.S. households, it concludes that there isn’t a widespread “She-cession,” but instead points to a more nuanced picture of workforce participation by women during the pandemic and continuing today.

We also look at the pandemic’s impact on the number of hours women have been working as well as on the pay disparities between men and women.  Join us as we discuss the growing importance of having childcare services in the workplace, the future of AI in caregiving jobs, the impact of the US tipping culture in hospitality jobs, and why we need to put salary ranges on job posts.

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