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Start Smart Podcast Ep:4 – Top Trends in the Future of Tech

Top Trends in the Future of Tech. Episode 4 • 30th May 2022 • Start Smart • Peter Weddle and Shelia Gray
McKinsey’s recent report ’The Top Trends in Tech’ predicts that we’re going to see 100 years of technological progress in just the next 10 years.  That will force every working man and women, including recruiters, to do their job even as it is undergoing significant levels of ever accelerating change. From blockchain and Web3 to Software 2.0 – it’s a lot to get your arms around, so in today’s episode we pick out some key findings from the report and review their implications for recruiters.

Tune in to our conversation as we unpack three key tech trends and explore the importance of genuine workforce planning (instead of headcount planning), the automation of practices and procedures in recruiting and the importance of building a trust infrastructure that will provide an effective foundation for the recruiting team’s acquisition and implementation of new technology.