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Start Smart Podcast Ep:9 Note to the C-Suite: Don’t Be Stupid, Learn From the Data

Episode 9 • 23rd August 2022 • Start Smart • Peter Weddle and Shelia Gray

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For a show that’s all about the data, today’s report from Appcast has hit our sweet spot. Its “2022 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report” is based on an analysis of 136 million job ad clicks that led to 8.1 million job applications from 3,100 employers, collected between January and May, 2022.  What’s the bottom line?  As Appcast says right at the beginning of its report, “What a time for recruiting!”

In this episode of Start Smart, we explore the implications of three of the report’s findings: Based on cost-per-application and cost-per -click data, it ain’t getting any easier to hire good talent and the c-suite needs to get the message; Based on apply rates, we have a long way to go in capturing the full capabilities of our recruiting technology and optimizing the performance of our ads; and Based on the differences in apply rate among job categories and locations, it is now more critical than ever to carefully target our outreach to job seekers.  It’s a lot to unpack, but the message is clear – regardless of the economy’s direction, only those employers that make smart investments in their talent acquisition function will be able to prosper in the post-pandemic market.

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