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StartSmart Podcast Episode 15: Technology 1, Recruiters Nil

Episode 15 • 29th November 2022 • Start Smart • Peter Weddle and Shelia Gray

A recent whitepaper published by AMS entitled “Exploding Digital Myths in Talent Acquisition” grabbed our attention as it sets out to debunk some of the most common misperceptions found among today’s recruiters.  Shelia and I focused on the first of five myths the company will eventually address: ‘Talent technology will replace the need for recruiters and sourcers.’  It’s a concern that, like the cockroach, never seems to be finally and forever squashed.

Our discussion looked at both some of the issues embedded in the myth and the views that are feeding it.  AMS reports, for example, that recruiters believe technology will reach a tipping point within the next decade (and therefore during their careers) when smart machines will generate more revenue for companies than even the smartest human workers.  So, we explored whether that outcome will cause huge reductions-in-force among employers and thus eliminate the need for recruiters.  In other words, technology may not replace recruiters and sourcers, but it could make them irrelevant.  And, that’s just the first of three topics we cover in this 30-minute episode of the podcast.  Take a listen! 

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Exploding Digital Myths in Talent Acquisition - AMS

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