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StartSmart Podcast Episode 18: Optimizing Technology Adoption in Recruiting Teams

Episode 18 • 25th July 2023 • Start Smart • Peter Weddle

Optimizing Technology Adoption in Recruiting Teams

My guest in this episode is Mona Tawakali, the Chief Strategy Officer at Recruitics.  We focus on one of the most important aspects of effective talent technology implementation – optimizing recruiters’ satisfaction with and use of new TA products and tools.  We start with a definition of technology adoption and then discuss specific steps companies can take to ensure they achieve both the KPIs and the ROI which justified the acquisition of those new products and tools in the first place.

We cover such topics as who should lead a product introduction, who else should be involved and how they should be organized and incented, the role of communication in the project, how progress should be measured and the outcomes that can be derived from state-of-the-art talent technology. So, grab your headphones and get ready to Start Smart!