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February 15-21, 2021: Recruit Rooster launches compliance driven talent community to increase candidate engagement while meeting OFCCP obligations; Fiverr acquires creative talent platform Working Not Working; Talenya introduces Diversity AI (TM) tool to help companies find and engage more diverse talent; Sterling reports employer concerns about growing identity fraud in hiring process; HourOne launches AI-driven process to turn people into video clones; Twitter moves to increase diversity in top leadership; SHRM post explores whether employers can monitor remote workers under GDPR; Recruitics acquire website developer Reverse Delta and NEW: Industry Pros on the Move featuring Ben Kuntz to Jobcase, Rolake Rosiji to Jobberman. No slowdown for the inspired.

Recruit Rooster Unveils New Compliance-driven Talent Community

Indianapolis-based recruitment marketing solution provider Recruit Rooster announced the unveiling of its new compliance-driven Talent Community, developed in partnership with RocketBuild, a custom software and application development house. On the heels of implementing Google Talent Solutions, this new tool seeks to increase candidate engagement, increase applicant flow, and decrease the cost to hire–all with OFCCP compliance in mind. “Passive candidates make up 75% of the workforce which means many people visiting your career site are not ready to apply, but are willing to leave their contact information to engage further with your brand. This is where our talent marketing platform comes into play, allowing employers to continue the conversation and automate routine tasks such as job alerts and candidate campaigning–all while staying within the lines of compliance,” commented Recruit Rooster’s COO Heather Hoffman.

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Fiverr acquires Working Not Working

Fiverr International Ltd. has announced the acquisition of Working Not Working, the leading platform for high-end creative talent. Working Not Working was founded in 2011 by Justin Gignac and Adam Tompkins. The site was initially created to help their friends and connections in the creative industry find jobs and new opportunities. The platform is trusted by many of the world’s leading brands and agencies, including Google, Netflix, Spotify, Droga5, and Wieden+Kennedy, and is home to tens of thousands of vetted creatives.

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Talenya Introduces Diversity AI, Recruiting Technology Platform

Talenya, the world’s most advanced, AI-powered talent sourcing and diversity solution – released the findings from a groundbreaking study entitled “Exploring The Recruitment Pipeline Fallacy: Resume Skill Gaps Bury Underrepresented Minorities.” Analyzing over 10 million candidate profiles, Talenya’s researchers found that minorities and women tend to share significantly less skills on their resumes when compared to their white and male counterparts. It is the first study of its kind to show that the so-called “diversity pipeline problem,” is a fallacy – in fact, there has never been a more talented, diverse population of recruitable talent when considering both race and gender. The problem is that the tools and search processes recruiters are using are based on an antiquated technology that is ill-equipped to find and surface these qualified, diverse candidates. To help fix this problem, today Talenya is launching its proprietary Diversity AI(TM) tool – built to empower recruiting teams to uncover and engage with significantly more qualified and diverse talent. Talenya levels the playing field for all talent, regardless of race, gender, gender identity, age or disability – allowing them to be visible in the pipeline.

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Employers Voice Concerns Over Identity Fraud During Hiring Process

Sterling, a leading provider of background and identity services, released a new whitepaper, “The State of Identity Verification.” Authored in partnership with’s Research Institute, the whitepaper reveals that a large majority of organizations (80%) indicate it is possible that they have experienced employee or candidate identity (ID) fraud. Furthermore, there are various concerns about the quality and accuracy of employee and candidate ID data. The study surveyed over 300 HR professionals, representing a broad cross-section of employers that range from small businesses with less than 50 employees to enterprises with more than 20,000 employees.

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AI Can Now Turn You Into a Fully Digital, Realistic Talking Clone

Hour One describes itself as a “video transformation company” that wants to replace cameras with code, and its latest creation is the ability for anyone to create a fully digital clone of themselves that can appear to speak “on camera” without a camera or audio inputs at all. The company uses a proprietary AI-driven process to provide automation to video creation, which enables presenter-led videos at scale without needing to put a person in front of a camera. Hour One says that experts (which are not cited) predict that in the next five to seven years, 90% of content will be synthetic, or generated using computers instead of cameras. The company believes that issues arising from the Coronavirus Pandemic have exacerbated the need for this technology and fast-tracked it.

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Twitter pledges greater diversity in the top ranks

Twitter has announced plans to increase the number of women and minorities elevated to leadership roles, in a bid to promote greater diversity within the next five years. The social media group is appointing members of historically marginalized groups to at least 25% of executive positions in the US by 2025. The tech giant joins a coalition of firms in the San Francisco Bay Area – known as the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) – which urges businesses to raise the diversity goals of their leadership teams. In 2019, Twitter also vowed to have a US workforce that was at least 50% women and 25% underrepresented minority groups, which include Black, Latinx, Native-American, Alaskan, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander or multiracial workers.

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Can an Employer Monitor Its Remote Employees Under GDPR?

The pandemic has resulted in a seismic shift in the number of employees working from home. For employers, this can bring advantages and disadvantages. One of the key disadvantages is that some employees may feel more inclined to shirk their usual responsibilities due to the lack of facetime or supervision they would normally experience when working at the office. Technology has a solution for this with more and more tech companies providing products that help monitor U.K. employees who are working from home. The question that therefore arises is whether employers can use these products to monitor employees lawfully in accordance with data protection laws.

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Recruitics Acquires Reverse Delta

Recruitics, a data-centric recruitment marketing agency, is proud to announce the acquisition of Reverse Delta Ltd. Reverse Delta is a London-based company that specializes in integrated recruitment websites and digital marketing, and is best known for its award-winning career site platform, FXRecruiter. With this acquisition, Reverse Delta customers will now have an increased opportunity to drive higher ROI to their talent acquisition strategy, via expanded access to Recruitics’s suite of recruitment marketing services, which include employer branding, media management, and programmatic job distribution, among others.

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NEW: Industry Pros Making Moves

Jobcase (, the social platform dedicated to empowering workers, announced today the appointment of Ben Kuntz as the company's new Head of Employer Sales. Prior to joining Jobcase, Mr. Kuntz served as Chief Revenue Officer for Broadbean Technology and Vice President of Software Sales for CareerBuilder, LL – driving the expansion of each companies’ global footprint.

The Nigeria-based recruiting site Jobberman introduced Rolake Rosiji as its new CEO. Previously, she was Country Manager at M-Kopa Nigeria where she led technology and sales.